Joey Alvarado

Joey Alvarado is world renowned MMA/Fitness trainer. He is the co owner and head trainer SoCal MMA. Joey has 30 years of experience in the Martial Arts industry as well as 7 years professional MMA fighting experience. Joey has been featured in magazines such as Jiu-Jitsu mag and frequently writes articles for web site and magazine.  He is also the creator of Combat Kettle-Jitsu, a unique kettle bell and body weight training system based on his 3 DVDs and currently being practice in over 30 countries.
• 30 years Martial Arts Experience
• Bjj brown belt
• Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Grand Master S.R. Moreland
• Hapkido Black Belt
• Kuk Sool Won Brown Black Belt
• Trained Muy Thai under Frank Cucci & Ajarn Chai Sirisute
• Machado Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt
• Son of Former 6th Ranked Featherweight Joe Medrano
• Former Cage of Fire Lightweight Champion

* World Renowned Kettlebell and Bodyweight trainer. Creator of  the Combat Kettlebell systems, Shadow Jitsu and Kettle-Jitsu Revolution dvds

•IBJJF Senior 2 no gi World Champion

* IBJJF Gi and no Gi American National Champion

* Five Grappling California State Champion

* Five Grappling Nevada State Champion

• IBJJF Senior 2 Heavyweight Long Beach Open Champion

• IBJJF Senior 2 Houston Open Middle weight Champion
• IBJJF Master/Senior World Silver Medalist
• IBJJF Senior 2 European Open Silver medalist

• IBJJF Senior 1 Las Vegas Open Silver medalist
• Grapplers Quest Gold Medalist
• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu U.S. National Silver Medalist
• Owner & Head Instructor of SoCal MMA Fitness
• Creator of Combat Kettlebell Systems, Kettle-Jitsu Revolution and Shadow-Jitsu DVDs currently being sold world wide

Combat Kettlebell Systems
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You can contact Joey Alvarado for private training and for Kettlebell/bodyweight certifications at 626-627-8224.